- To engender ethical conduct that leads to a morally reformed society.

- To embolden progress and productivity as well as create a platform for peace and mutual advancement with people of other religions and races.

- To establish sustainable corrective systems that will engender a reformed and progressive society.


- To transform the Tsangaya learning system to a meaningful learning structure which specializes in Islamic knowledge and instruct youths on Western education and vocational training

- To foster the re-emergence of productivity by rehabilitating youths and engaging them in gainful employment instead of idleness in peaceful times and militancy in political, religious or ethnic crises.

- To engender a focused and value conscious Muslim society as well as create a platform for peace, reconciliation and mutual advancement with people of other religious creed and races..


Al-Ummah Development Foundation [ADF] is a charitable organization duly registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 7th July 2009. It was founded for the sole purpose of societal reform, the programs of ADF are tailored to address socio-economic difficulties and to activate a peaceful process of socio-economic change by establishing vital structures to accomplish wide ranging educational, economic and social improvements within Northern Nigeria and beyond. ADF provides a common umbrella for a group of experts from various fields and organizations with transformational policies targeting problematic areas to achieve a sustainable solution to Tsangaya Crisis and youth redundancy in Northern Nigeria. ADF utilizes minimal expenditure to achieve maximum results through the principles of probity and accountability. The reform strategies of ADF are transparent and ethically grounded to rectify the problems of under aged, under-educated and unemployed youths and to achieve a positive transformation that can be easily assessed and evaluated by all. The organization is willing tobe utilized by the Government as a Special Purpose Vehicle [SPV] operating under due monitoring and evaluation to achieve all set goals and objective.


A combination of negative factors at extraordinary levels has led to the resolve of ADF to achieve positive change in Muslim societies of Northern Nigeria, among the problematic factors are:

- Exploitation of under aged youths and Almajirai

- Unprecedented levels of drug abuse

- Poverty and food insecurity

- Security and economic challenges

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